Aman-i-khas, Ranthambore

Nestled within the captivating domain of the majestic Bengal tiger, Ranthambore National Park lies the enchanting Aman-i-Khas. Positioned at the very threshold of the reserve, this intimate tented camp presents an unparalleled sanctuary of privacy amidst the starkly beautiful landscape adorned with green and gold hues. The setting becomes the perfect backdrop for corporate offsite events, elevating them to another level of sophistication and exclusivity.

Aman-i-Khas stands out not only for its natural beauty but also for its state-of-the-art conference rooms, thoughtfully equipped with modern amenities. These rooms provide an exceptional venue for corporate gatherings, ensuring a seamless blend of business and leisure. The resort boasts facilities such as Hand & Collar Mics, LCD Screens & Projectors, AV Systems, and more, catering to the diverse needs of corporate events.

The resort offers many indoor and outdoor activities, promising a perfect balance between work and play. From team-building exercises to relaxation pursuits, Aman-i-Khás ensures a holistic experience for corporate offsite.

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