Kothi Resort, Ranthambore

Nestled within the embrace of vibrant green forests and framed by the tranquil views of a natural water lake, Ranthambhore Kothi Resort offers an unforgettable experience, presenting an exciting opportunity to encounter the elusive tigers and various other wild species.

For those in search of sensory rejuvenation and a remedy for frazzled nerves, a retreat with Ranthambhore Kothi promises to be a revitalizing experience. Surrounded by lush vegetation, offering picturesque vistas, and adorned with verdant field gardens near the National Park, 'Ranthambhore Kothi' ensures an exceptional holiday escape.

Discover the epitome of versatile corporate event venues at Ranthambhore Kothi Resort, where they offer a diverse range of settings to fulfill all your event requirements. Whether it's an intimate conference & seminar or a grand corporate offsite event, our 5-star property is meticulously designed to meet your every need. To elevate your event, we provide the option to equip each space with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and high-speed wireless internet, available for an additional fee. This ensures that your presentations and communications run seamlessly, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.

We take pride in being among the top corporate event planners. Opt for our services if you are looking to host a corporate offsite event that goes beyond expectations. We not only offer a holistic experience that includes team-building activities but also feature engaging entertainment sessions. Our carefully curated experience includes comfortable accommodations, providing a retreat from the mundane, and culinary delights that redefine the concept of delectable food.

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