La Alphonso Marina Resorts & Spa, Goa

What makes people turn up to Goa for hosting corporate offsite tour is because it offers so many resorts with top-notch amenities. One such is La Alphonso Marina Resorts & Spa which is famous for its impeccable services.

To give the employees healthier atmosphere, there are a lot of companies that are hosting up corporate events and apart from this, they are also taking them to somewhere away from the work-stress. If you are thinking to host corporate offsite tour then La Alphonso Marina Resorts & Spa is one of the best options as it offers you different corporate offsite venues too.

If we talk about the resort, it features spacious accommodation and different types of conference rooms like oval shaped room which can accommodate 10 people. Then there are theatre rooms which are best for large gatherings. Fewer than 40 people can be adjusted in U-shape rooms. Apart from this, there is also another room called square conference which can accommodate fewer than 25 people.

There are a lot of amenities offered by the resort to make your event a success. All the rooms are befitted with amenities like AV equipment CD player, Microphone, Overhead projector among others to make your experience out of the world!

Apart from this, you can also opt for team building activities and get access to many facilities from CYJ. Why should your corporate team outing sound boring? Make it a great experience with us!

Do not look any further to host your corporate offsite tour in Goa as La Alphonso Marina Resorts & Spa can tailor it according to your requirements.